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Amybaby [userpic]

Beauty and the Geek

March 18th, 2008 (11:30 pm)

I am so pissed right now. 

I just am so mad at my gender after watching this show.  Even when I was young and tan and thin, I never, ever treated any man the way these women treat the "geeks."

I'm just going to say it: Geeks are a woman's best friend.  They are loyal, true, and honest.  They will be there for you no matter what.  They are incredible, intelligent human beings and any woman would be so lucky as to call a "geek" her friend or boyfriend.  They are the marriage material.  They are the loyal friend waiting for you and that's alway's there for you.  They are the ones that come to our rescue when we are hurt.  

Should any of us be so lucky as to have even one "geek" in our life.  I am a geek groupie.

Geeks are sexy, and fuck any woman that doesn't get that.  I know several sexy geeks, and I am proud as hell to call them my friends... even if they are embarrassed to be friends with a blonde bimbo like myself.  That's right, it works both ways. :)

Here's to the "geeks."   I am so fucking lucky to have so many of them in my life, and I pity any woman that doesn't look at a man for who he is, rather than what he can buy for them.

Goddamnit, I am a geek.  True and true.  I'm just so lucky to have the amazing other geeks in my life that tell me the truth, and love me and support me no matter what.


Posted by: Jennifer (theda)
Posted at: March 19th, 2008 06:31 pm (UTC)
I *heart* my geek

I married my geek.

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